M3 Operating System Development

A chronicle of the development of the M3 operating system

Welcome to M3

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Welcome, dear reader, to the M3 Development Blog. This goal of this blog is to completely chronicle the development of the M3 operating system – a pet project of yours truly.

However, this blog isn’t just about M3. It will be about operating system development in general.

As I see it now, there will be several types of postings on this blog:

  • Status updates on M3 development. Brief updates of where the current project stands.
  • In-depth posts that detail specific pieces of M3. For example, I plan to describe the boot loader and kernel in detail, so that people that are interested in learning about such things can.
  • Tutorials related to operating system development.
  • Operating system development news. There are a ton of OS development projects going on out there.
  • Random posts about whatever, but I’ll try to keep it operating system-related. My musings on existing OSes, speculations on the future of operating systems, etc.

Again, I welcome you to the blog, and I hope that you will find it a useful resource.


Written by m3os

February 25, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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